Workshop Offered -- Lynn Reznick

Landscape Watercolor Painting Workshop

Taught by Lynn Reznick

Date: 4 weeks sessions from Feb. 23rd - Mar. 16th on Saturdays
Time: 1-3pm, 2hours per session
Fee: $40
Anyone, from beginners to experienced artists may apply.
Equipment & material list will be provided after signing up
Application & fee deadline: Feb. 20th
Applications accepted through email:, or
By phone: 215-669-4208 or 618-975-0243
Visit or mail to Piety’s Art Gallery
122 S. 2nd St. Greenville, IL 62246
Gallery Hours: Tue.-Fri 1-6pm, Sat 10-3pm

Minimum Applicants: 5 people to run the class
Place: Piety’s Art Gallery: 122 S. 2nd St. Greenville, IL
Each Session will focus on different subjects as below.
Class #1: will be demonstrating equipment and
application of various tools & techniques, stencils,
palette knife, various brushes.
Class #2: learn how to do resists, clouds
Class #3: learn how to paint wood, trees
Class #4: learn how to express Water.
** Complete all 4 sessions and you will complete your own watercolor landscape!

** Other Workshops to be announced soon!
Mono Printing
Jewelry making
Oil or Acrylic Painting (Self-Portrait) in Summer
And many more workshops are planned